I spent some time with my family this past weekend and my sister told me about 71 toes, a blog I just had to read.  It is worth looking at.  I'll admit at first glance I felt like I could never be like this woman, but after I got over that I just felt inspired like I can do better and be more for my family. 

I noticed nienie posted about emersonmade too. 


so pretty.

I saw this on these favorite things the other day, and after taking a closer look at this site I'm in love.
I'll be dreaming about having one of everything.
Emerson even makes things for the home and will soon have a clothing line.
Brilliant, and so pretty!



Summer should be about escape.
We should all be able to get away, even if only in our minds.
This summer my husband and two older kids will be escaping to Yellowstone.
I on the other hand will find other ways to escape.
Like mentally escaping to Prince Edward Island.
What do you do to escape?



Yesterday we found this cookbook at the Library.
So today we will be in the kitchen making yoda soda and wookiee cookies.
YUM! Now that's what I call love.



Who knew strep throat could have you in bed for 4 days?
Let me just say I now appreciate my good health.
The to-do list is long.
After I'm done with everything on my list,
I want to make some of these for my bed.


the dad.

We are thinking about Father's day at our house.
We want to make it a great day for the DAD.
We found these labels at marthastewart.com,
they would be great to use on all the DAD's favortie snacks
or to just print out for a card.
Here's the pdf file.
There's an on going debate at our house on what is better
No. 1 Dad or Worlds Greatest Dad.
You Decide.


chore charts.

We are working on getting things cleaned and organized
 before the summer craziness sets in.
To help keep things clean I found this on etsy.